What is Percussion Partners?
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Big Sound - Little kit!

A real professional kit for the masses!

Ludwig and Quest Love have given us little kit with a little price tag and big,big value!

The sound is big, The look is pure class. The performance is fun and the price is right.

At only $399.99, the  Quest Love Breakbeat by Ludwig gives professional performance at an entry level price.


Keith Carlock coming to town!

One of the most sought after drummers today, Keith Carlock will be hitting the road on a 13-city US clinic tour in April and May of 2012. Keith has been the driving force behind artists such as Steely Dan, James Taylor, Sting, John Mayer, The Blues Brothers, Wayne Krantz, and many others. His distinctive sound and unique approach have set him apart from other players of his generation. Since arriving on the music scene in the late 90s, Keith has topped several reader’s polls including #1 Pop, #1 Fusion and #1 All-Around in the 2009 Modern Drummer Readers’ Polls. Other career highlights include appearances at the 2008 Zildjian Drummers Achievement Award Tribute to Ginger Baker in London and the 2011 Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC).

Dave Grohl Stick in Stores Now!

Now in stock at these Percussion Partners Dealers: Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood,CA. Chad Sexton’s Drum City in North Hollywood,CA.  Milano Music in Mesa,Az  The San Diego Drum Shop in San Diego,Ca.  Rainbow Guitars  in Tucson,AZ ,  Alan's Music in La Mesa,CA. Jim's Music in Tustin,CA. Roll Over Beethoven Music in Hesperia,CA and Lowes Music in Santa Clarita,CA.

A Zildjian Cymbal for only $25.00 ?

This is the best deal of 2011!
Now at select Percussion Partner dealers you can purchase a Zildjian all purpose 10”  ZHT China Splash for only $25.00 ( MSRP $121.00)

This cymbal is an exotic sounding, versatile splash that is at home when used right along side your most sophisticated set of A or K Zilidjians. It punctuates with cutting, complex mid end frequencies and can be used as an inverted splash or a stacker. The ZHT10CS can be paired to make funky mini-hats or can be placed on a snare drum to create awesome effects like electronic sounding hand claps and white noise. This is a must-have tool for any drummer.

Call one of the dealers listed below for more information and availability and then  grab one of these for your own cymbal bag. Some restrictions apply.

Aquarian Is The Leader in NEW DRUMHEAD Technology- See it at Sam Ash Hollywood!

In praise of the Zildjian ANTI-VIBE Sticks

It’s no secret that Zildjian is and always has been the leader in cymbal innovation, but drumsticks too? 

That’s right.  Many of the biggest names in drumming play Zildjian Drumsticks- Vinnie Colaiuta , Dennis Chambers, Travis Barker and Dave Grohl to name a few. Many of the signature models are unique in design, functionality and personality. 

Gen16 AE cymbals are now available at Milano Music: It is Like Christmas in October !

 Gen16 AE Cymbals are in select stores now and those drummers who are getting to experience them are loving them. Milano Music in Mesa Arizona just received their first Shipment of 6 Boxsets and Tom, Eric, Joe and Rulon couldn't wait to open up a box and experience it for themselves, and their video is a great demo of how fast and easy it is to set up GEN16 AE cymbals for the very first time.

Unpacking a GEN16 AE BOXSET is like opening an awesome Christmas gift. Even the packaging is impressive. The owners manual is a contemporary work of art reminicent of a hi-end APPLE product and all components are individually  packaged in internal boxes in  GEN16 signature blue. Everything is included to get you up and running quickly.

BUT WAIT, there's more!

Gen16 AE Cymbals- In stores now!

This changes everything!

 The New line of products  from Zildjian’s Gen16 Intelligent Percussion division have hit select stores this week. Go in and try them out; this changes everything.

The beauty of these cymbals is the beauty in the cymbals. As a low volume acoustic cymbal that plays at 25-50% of the volume of a standard cymbal, this is a must-have addition to every drummer’s cymbal bag. The high end shimmer and clarity can’t be found anywhere else. The feel and control of the 20” ride cymbal is reminiscent of a flat ride and allows ride patterns to be distinct and articulate. And the look…. Game Over! With the beautiful, shiny nickel plating reflecting the cool blue lighting effect emitted from the Gen16 pickups, the AE cymbals may become a welcome  addition to your living room decor.

But these are more than just great sounding cymbals with an awesome appearance, these cymbals give you new creative power.  While being designed to improve the cymbal performance experience when added to E-Kits, these cymbals let you put on the head phones and experiment with a whole new palette of  sonic possibilities.


This weekend is going to be a great weekend for hanging out with other Percussion Partners. Check out the Professional Drum Shop booth. Featuring prototype products from Zildjian  cymbals and Aquarian drumheads and one of a kind snare drums from Ludwig; all on sale!
Prototype Zildjian Constantinople crashes and Aquarian Modern Vintage SUPERKICKS??? Only available at the Hollywood Drum Show, October 1 and 2 . Hope to see you there.

Dave Grohl: A Rock Drummer’s Drummer

Dave Grohl is the real deal and lives and loves Rock and Roll.  After winning BEST ROCK VIDEO  at a recent  MTV Video Music Awards with his band, FOO FIGHTERS, Dave said in his acceptance speech, "I just want to say: Never lose faith in real rock and roll music, you know what I mean? Never lose faith in that. You might have to look a little harder, but it's always going to be there."        

What does passion for rock drumming look like?  Click here!

Grohl was the drummer and a integral member of Nirvana; the band that ushered alternative rock into the mainstream in 1991. While in recent years he has been best known as the front man and guitarist for the Grammy winning FOO FIGHTERS, he is still a drumming icon for those who love hard hitting drummers that play for the music, the song, and the band.  Dave has also lent his drumming talents to  other popular artists such as  Queens of the Stoneage, Probot, Tenacious D and Them Crooked Vultures.